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Home Air Check


Whether you are looking to buy a home or sell one, you will want to make sure the air in the home is safe to breathe. A Home Air Check Professional test measures and reports on the air in the home for chemicals and hidden mould that could be detrimental to your health or that could cost you thousands of dollars to remediate if left undetected.

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is a serious health issue, and public health experts advise prospective home buyers to take the initiative and test for indoor air pollutants. Home Air Check Professional is a low-cost indoor air quality assessment that can find potential hidden issues with a home and protect your future investment. Performing a comprehensive home IAQ audit just makes good, healthy sense.

Indoor air can be more seriously polluted than outdoor air, even in the largest and most industrialized cities. People spend about 90% of their time indoors, so for many, health risks may be greater due to exposure to indoor air pollution.
(Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

An Action Plan to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Performed by Seacliff Inspections prior to a property sale, a Home Air Check Professional test is the only composite home air quality assessment available today. It monitors for hundreds of chemicals in the air (called VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds) and active mold growth with a single air sample. It not only reports on the total levels of VOCs and mold present in the home, but it also identifies the potential sources of air pollutants (e.g., paint, adhesives, flooring, cabinets, heating fuel, dead animals and hundreds of other products and materials that emit gases into the air) giving you actionable information on the steps necessary to improve the air quality before the sale.

Should your Home Air Check Professional test results indicate excessive VOC levels and you want to know specifically what chemicals are present, a more detailed analysis can be requested for an additional charge that will give a complete breakdown of the top 10 chemical compounds in the air. There is no need to take another air sample. If needed, a trained chemist will be available to you to help with interpretation of the analysis results.

Why You Should Test Home Air Quality:

Composite home air quality assessment
    - Monitors for hundreds of VOCs and hidden mold with single air sample
    - Identifies air pollutants that could make you sick
    - Helps answer “What’s in the air?”
    - Identifies solvents possibly used by former meth labs
    - Identifies sulphur compounds found in contaminated Chinese drywall
    - Formaldehyde test available (additional charge)

Sample collected by home inspector or indoor air service professional
    - Convenient – sample can be taken during home inspection
    - Home inspector/service professionals handles all paperwork and shipping
    - Referrals or recommendations given to improve air quality

Clear and concise analysis reports
    - Total VOC and mold levels
    - Predicts VOC sources giving you an action plan
    - Delivered to you within a few days of testing

Low cost/economical testing
    - 2-for-1 air quality assessments: VOCs and active mold growth
    - Costs less than mold spore testing

Detailed chemical analysis available if VOC levels are excessive
    (additional cost)

Buying a home with existing IAQ issues can subject you and your family to serious health hazards, and might require you to incur large clean-up costs, reduce your property value, and make your home hard to sell in the future. With a Home Air Check Professional IAQ assessment, you can make your home purchasing decision allowing you to breathe a little more easily.