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Exclusive Services From Seacliff Inspections

This set of exclusive services from Seacliff Inspections is designed to enhance the standard home inspection and protect the home buyer even after you move in. These services go above and beyond the standards of a typical home inspection, and are more likely to uncover and protect you against issues that are not readily visible in the home at the time of the inspection.

The Smart Choice For Smart Home Buyers

The special services provided with this exclusive package include:

Thermal Imaging & Hi-Tech Equipment
Under certain conditions, a thermal imaging camera can allow us to uncover problems with the building envelope that might otherwise go unnoticed. Problems like missing insulation, wet spots, air leaks, plumbing leaks, HVAC leaks, overheated electrical circuits, and much more. In addition to using a thermal imaging camera and moisture meter, the inspector, if deemed necessary, may also use other sophisticated electronic testing equipment, such as a CO2 (carbon monoxide) detector, gas leak detector, or boroscope for seeing into small, dark areas. Though not necessary for every inspection, the use of hi-tech equipment goes above and beyond the standards of a typical home inspection and aids in uncovering defects that might otherwise go unnoticed.

No-Charge Services
Unlike many other home inspection companies today, Seacliff Inspections does not charge extra for premiumn services like inspecting older homes, crawlspaces and detached garages. Older homes can have outdated wiring or plumbing, which can be costly to replace if required by your insurance company. Structural issues are not uncommon in crawlspaces, but many inspectors will not even go into crawlspaces. If accessible and safe, Seacliff Inspections always goes into crawlspaces. In addition, we will check appliances purchased with the house to ensure they are in working condition.

Priority Reports
In a hurry for the report? With HomeSmart+, the inspection report, which includes both digital and thermal imaging photos of problem areas, is electronically delivered the same day for inspections completed before 4 PM.

Walk-Away Pricing
If major concerns are uncovered and you decide to walk away from the house before the inspection is complete*, you only have to pay half the inspection fee, and your next inspection with Seacliff Inspections will be discounted as well. Certain conditions apply.

After Service Support
For as long as you own the home, you can contact me for clarification on details within the report, questions on the inspection, inspected components, or simply for recommendations on renovation projects you plan to undertake. For up to a full year following the inspection, I will assist you in identifying anomalies you discover in the home. If necessary, this service includes a free revisit to the home at a mutually convenient time.

Maintenance Inspection Discount
Maintenance inspections are generally recommended every three to five years. If you choose to have a maintenance inspection on the house we previously inspected for you within five years of your initial inspection, you will receive that maintenance inspection at 50% off** the then posted rate.

We don't promise to find everything, but the likelihood is greatly increased when you get an inspection with HomeSmart+. Wise homebuyers choose HomeSmart+ with every home inspection by Seacliff Inspections.

HomeSmart+ ensures you have peace-of-mind not just at the time of inspection but for years to come. Why pay an another expert to assess your concerns when you have one available whenever you need him? Seacliff Inspections is here for you now and in the future. You will not find this level of commitment anywhere else.

Terms and Conditions

*Walk-Away pricing is conditional on the following:

  1. Major concerns, such as extensive water damage, structural damage, etc, must have been uncovered. Minor concerns are not applicable.
  2. The inspector must be informed of the decision to walk-away before the inspection report is generated.
  3. The client does not receive any inspection report for the house from which he/she walked away.
  4. The client signs a waiver that they will not be purchasing the inspected house.
  5. Any subsequent home inspection must be performed within 90 days of the initial home inspection to receive a discount.
  6. The second inspection is based on inspector availability and will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

** Maintenance inspections are based on inspector availability and will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. The inspection rate will be 50% of the going rate at the time of the maintenance inspection.